Our company is a family business, located in the east of Durazno department, nearby the intersection of rute 6 and rute 19 in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. On our farm we are raising limousin cattle and offering bulls and their semen as well as steers for slaughter. Another product on our farm is the criation of highly recommended criollo horses.
The limousin cattle as a product of our farm “ La Escondida” is since a few years in competition to other cattle breeds in different contests of the uruguaian national farmer association (ARU). Up from the first time, we participated in these contests, we could present every time the best product for the meat industry and winning the award for the best cattle of the year.
The Criollo horses criated on our farm are demostrating all performance as being functionally, docile and easy handling to be a horse for the work with cattle and sheap. Since 2006 we are offering these well trained and prepared horses to our customers.

The limousin cattle race is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world with having an excellent adaptation to different climatic situations. In breeding and reproduction this cattle race gets very good results feeded on natural native grassland. Feeded In feedlots could produce 66,6% of meat related to the live bodyweight.
The criollo horse race has had a long period of natural selection in which only the strongest and most resistent horses could survive and reproduce in hard and cold winters even as in hot and dry summers of the southamerican pampa. This process performed a horse with high resistence, very rustic and with fast fisical recovery. These points make the criollo horse unique to the rest of horsebreeds in a wide world of equinobreeds.

On our farm we are realizing yearly very strict andrological tests to guarantee to our clients the maximum of quality in our products.