The first Criollos evaluated in southamerica more than 500 year ago, when spanish conquistadores brought horse from europe. After a long and hard natural selection in difficult climatic situations, only the healthiest and more resistent animals could survive and breed to form the criollo horse. The criollo is famous for his resistence and the ability of a fast recovery. It is a very rustic horse, adapted to strong winters and hot summers of the southamerican pampa. These advantages make theCcriollo horse unique and very competitive to other equinobreeds in the world.
The Criollo horse association of Uruguay worked together with uruguayan horse criators during many years to bring the criollo up to a high level standard with a solid racial quality. Very agil, smart and docile, the criollo horse is perfect for the work with cattle as a cowhorse, for showriding or long distance races.
Recently the criollo horse is declared as a heritage of Eastern Republic of Uruguay.
The passion for horses in general and especially for criollo horses was the reason for us to raise pure criollos. In 1992 we signed in our first pedigree horse to the farmer association of Uruguay (ARU). To reach a high level genetic we choosed very well selected mare horses for the breeding. These mare horses obtained excellent backgrounds and performances. It was our challenge to raise horses focusing on a wide range of functionality asa work, sport, cattle and racehorses. Just in 2006 after many years of selection, we offered our first criollo horses for sale and to satisfy the requirements our clients.
For us to preparation and to train a cattle horse to be a perfect teammember in the daily work on a farm is very important, so that we started, 4 years ago, to organize a yearly horsetraining contest, where the most experienced horse trainer of Uruguay are in competition to prepare our criollos and show the wide range of their abilities, like as a cattle horse , a sporthorse ,a showridinghorse or as a horse for long distance races.