The Limousin cattle stands for his high quality of meat, acceptable facility in giving birth with medium rate of growing and excellent messures to converte food in meat. After being slaughted the Limousin cattle stand for high rendiment and his heavy and muscle body offers a high rate of good and tasty meat to the comercial meat industry
Feeding our cattle in feedlots with grain and corn we are winning cattle with a high percent of leaner meat. This does not exclude the feeding on natural grassland.
The genetic crosses of Limousin cattle, feeded on grassland, needs more time to terminate in growing but in the end they are reaching better results in having leaner meat, more area of fine steakmeat and higher rates of thick and heavy cuts than the crossed cuttle which is terminated in feedlots. The crosses of Limousin cattle feeded in feedlots are growing faster for an earlier slaughtery but with more accumulation of grease in muscleman and less pH-rate.
(9)On our farm La Escondida we started raising Limousin cattle in the end of the 80‘s after getting perfect results of productivity with this cattle race only feeded on native grassland because of these results we decided to focus on the criation and progress of Limousin cattle.
In criation and reproduction we got very good results in feedlot the productivity reached up to 65 %.
With yearly realized andrological examens, we guarantees to our clients and customers a high standard and permanent high quality of our products.
Since 2007, we could win yearly the maximum price for the best steer in the contest of the national farmer association of Uruguay (ARU).